Staffing Solutions

Talent Magnet offers best-in-class temporary or contractual staffing solutions services. We select adept professionals for your company from different parts of India. Having served over 100 clients and placed more than 500 talented individuals across various locations, we have gained expertise in a broad spectrum of industries. Irrespective of the size of your company, finding resourceful employees that add value to your business is never easy. This is where you can collaborate with us to find people who not only have the right skillsets but also the right attitude.

Talent Magnet – Best Staffing Solutions Services in Kolkata

Our team of experienced recruiters find employees that exceed your expectations and get quickly accustomed to your values, mission, vision, and culture.

We offer staffing solution services that include:

  • Industrial staffing
  • Technical staffing
  • Recruitment process outsourcing
  • Managerial staffing
  • Financial staffing
  • Accounting staffing
  • IT staffing

When it comes to temporary staffing solutions or contract staffing, we recruit aspirants who can adhere to tight project deadlines. Hence, Talent Magnet is your go-to partner for meeting your long-term and short-term business objectives!

Within no time, you will observe a significant increase in your revenues and productivity.

Get Familiar with Our Process

Our proven staffing process allows us to pick skillful candidates with the right mindset.

  • Identifying Professionals

    We utilize our professional network, personal referrals, online networks, and job boards to identify potential employees.

  • Shortlisting Candidates

    The identified individuals go through our screening process that includes a background check and face-to-face meeting. After which we shortlist them based on skills, experience, career goals, and expectations.

  • Placement and Follow-up

    Our relationship with clients does not end with placement. We schedule follow-up calls with you to evaluate the employees’ performance. This is part of our values that emphasize delivering extraordinary outcomes and quality. Moreover, we continually work towards finding ways to further improve our services.


    Leverage Our Dedicated Job Portal

    Human resource is central to any business. We are a leading staffing solutions provider aimed at managing this most important aspect of your company. Through our extensive network, dedicated job portal, and huge database we hire competent candidates for you!
    Numerous firms operating in automobile, telecom, pharmaceutical, hospitality, healthcare, construction, FMCG & FMCD, cement, call center, and banking & finance industry have subscribed to our job portal JOBB4U. Over the course of seven years, we have established a good rapport with our clients and have become their preferred choice for contract staffing companies in India.

    Third-Party Payroll Services by Talent Magnet

    Payroll specialists at Talent Magnet can help you sort employee inquiries and all the complexities associated with it.
    Why should you choose third-party payroll services along with staffing solutions?
    In-house payrolling necessitates attention to detail, sharp focus, and valuable time. However, that time could have been invested in customer service and revenue-generating tasks. With recruits joining your company, it becomes all the more formidable.
    Besides, governments keep amending legislation that makes compliance even more challenging. Third-party payroll companies like Talent Magnet can help you attain peace of mind.
    Your core business functions, products, or services need your complete attention. That’s only possible when you leverage third-party payroll services offered by Talent Magnet.

    Besides, we ensure statutory compliance regarding: