Recruitment Solutions

Businesses today face complex workforce challenges and recruitment is one of them. With an exploding population and intense competition, finding the right talent for your company has become a challenging endeavour. Talent Magnet is the best recruitment agency in Kolkata that delivers tailored requirement solutions that suit your business requirements. We find candidates that become an asset to your organization.
By utilizing our permanent recruitment expertise, you will acquire employees that possess the right attitude and skills. To achieve that, we not only study the job requirements but also analyse your corporate culture.

Talent Magnet – Best Recruitment Agency in Kolkata

At Talent Magnet, we manage everything from sourcing to onboarding when it comes to permanent recruitment. Our expert team scrutinizes various factors such as prior industry experience, skills, and qualifications of candidates as part of the screening process. Apart from that, the team carefully analyses the mission, vision, and values of the company. This approach helps us determine if the career goals of the candidate align with your company’s goals and objectives. Being an eminent manpower agency in Kolkata, it’s our responsibility to find employees that seamlessly integrate with your workforce within a few days.

Industries We Serve

Each vertical has unique compensation norms, hiring practices, and management styles. Therefore, recruitment services should be tailored according to the specific terms and conditions of the industry as well.

At Talent Magnet, we recruit the best fit for organizations in the following industries:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Banking & Finance Industry
  • Call Centre & BPO Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • FMCG & FMCD Industry
  • Telecom Industry

Our recruitment process for each industry is extremely meticulous which helps us provide adept professionals in your niche.


There are many reasons why Talent Magnet is the best recruitment agency in Kolkata. You should choose our recruitment services to ensure:
  • Retention

    Unlike temporary staff, permanent or full-time employees should be the right fit for your culture, mission, and values. We scan candidates for each of these aspects to ensure a high retention rate.

  • Diversity

    Apart from work experience, skillset, and mindset, we help you maintain diversity within your workforce. To maintain the balance, we adhere to global and national standards of diversity inclusion.

  • Growth

    Recruits sourced by Talent Magnet bring fresh perspective and years of experience to your company. You will observe accelerated growth as the employees quickly acclimate to the new environment.


    Types of Candidates We Recruit

    Talent Magnet is a revered manpower consultancy in Kolkata that helps you solve hiring complexities at different levels of the organization. Over the years, we have helped several clients find worthy professionals in the following categories:

    Blue Collar​

    These include workers who perform manual labour. We recruit blue- collar employees for companies operating in various industries such as oil fields, construction, warehousing, sanitation, technical installations, and manufacturing.​

    Entry Level / Freshers

    The manpower of your company is not complete without entry-level employees. Freshers have the zeal to explore and learn. If you have the power to inspire and motivate them, they become valuable assets and stay longer with your company.​

    Executive-Level Professionals​

    In any organization, leaders determine the trajectory of growth, path for success, and sustainability. Our team of recruiters at Talent Magnet, find executive-level professionals that will shape the future of your company. We have specialized recruiters in our team that use a focused and sophisticated process to hire senior executives for your organization.