We manage the most valuable asset of any organization

About Us

At Talent Magnet, we manage the most valuable asset of any organization – people. Our company is one of the best HR consulting services in Kolkata. Over the last 7 years, we have served over 100 clients and placed more than 5000+ candidates. We are your one-stop-shop for HR solutions. Let us walk you through our mission, vision, values, USP, and details about our founder:

Our Unique Selling Proposition

At Talent Magnet, we offer customized HR solutions including payroll outsourcing, IT staffing, staffing solutions/third party payroll, and recruitment. Being in this business for over seven years, we have developed valuable connections in the industry as well as a large database of freshers and experienced candidates. We help clients find the top talent in their niche from various parts of India. The employees recruited by us not only fit the job title and responsibilities but also your corporate culture. We follow a thorough screening process to analyze the career goals of the candidates and see if they align with your organization’s goals.



    Meet Our Founder

    Talent Magnet is the brainchild of Mr. Ajit Sharma. He has over seven years of extensive experience in Human Resource management. Moreover, Mr. Ajit holds a degree in business management and accounting. He supports his clients at every step – from sourcing to onboarding. Besides, his expertise in payroll management has allowed Talent Magnet to gain a rich clientele within a short period. Over the years Mr. Ajit has collaborated with C-level management and business owners to enhance their organization’s cultural health through professional development, training, and employee relations. When it comes to solving payroll and staffing issues of organizations, he takes a diagnostic, candid, and fresh approach. Being the valued facilitator that he is, Mr. Ajit leaves no stone unturned to ensure client satisfaction, employee wellbeing, and retention.

    Our Values

    At Talent Magnet, our number one priority is to stay true to our core values. Our dedicated team of HR professionals believes in:

    • Delivering Extraordinary Outcomes

      Our services are client-centric which encourages us to deliver extraordinary outcomes. We utilize every touchpoint and every interaction to provide value for end-users as well as clients.

    • Taking Personal Accountability

      Whether it’s our service offerings or customer calls, we take personal accountability in ensuring quality. With our unfaltering resolve to exceed client expectations, we foster a culture of high performance

    • Being Open and Inclusive

      We strive to create an inclusive environment where our clients and associates feel free to share their ideas and opinions. By taking diverse viewpoints into account, we make decisions that align with your goals and objectives.

    • Building Trust

      Two-way communication and proactiveness is how we build trust with our clients. To achieve greater clarity, our team engages in transparent and timely interactions. Besides, it helps us mitigate any potential risks

    • Fostering Teamwork

      Seamless collaboration and teamwork is the distinctive feature of Talent Magnet. Since we cater to different verticals, cooperation and partnership is the very spirit of our company.

    • Learning and Evolving

      We take pride in our work yet we believe in being chivalrous. Our team contemplates the clients’ feedback to continuously learn and evolve. That’s how we refine our services over time.